Transitional Canine Physical Therapist (tCPT)™ credentialing program

Providing Physical Therapists education and training to treat canines confidently.


The experts in Canine Physical Therapist education!


It is the goal of CanineIQ to continue to advance education in this field. Through the collaboration of Canine Physical Therapist experts, Veterinary Specialists, and Veterinary Technicians, we have developed a unique, comprehensive educational program for

Physical Therapists (PTs) worldwide.

What can you expect from the CanineIQ tCPT™ Program?

The Transitional Canine Physical Therapist (tCPT)™ credentialing program follows the current (2019) APTA practice analysis that defines the practice of canine physical therapy (Clinical Practice Standards). You receive nothing but experts in their respective fields, with the most up-to-date information pertaining to each topic. We have created a complete program, guided by the requirements of the physical therapist practice acts in several states, to develop a competent Canine Physical Therapist (CPT).  At the completion of this program, you will receive your Transitional Canine Physical Therapist (tCPT)™ credential.  



Our self-paced, 6 module, online program is taught by instructors who are experts and leaders in the Canine Physical Therapist and Veterinary Specialty fields. The Transitional Canine Physical Therapist (tCPT)™ program is designed to fill in the knowledge gaps of a human Physical Therapist program, transitioning the Physical Therapist into a competent canine practitioner.



While the course is self-paced, we highly encourage that you journey through it with your classmates to find support, accountability and engagement with your peers and course leaders. Being a member of this unique network provides invaluable support to build your confidence.


Canine Confident

You have the physical therapy education already! We build on your existing human education and translate that to a canine patient population. Your training will include both online coursework and intensive, hands-on training to equip you to treat canines confidently.


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tCPT™ Credentialing Program


(*Note: Price will increase to $5,375 on January 1, 2025)

Includes 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Foundational Principles of Canine Anatomy and Movement
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of the Veterinary Patient
  • Module 3: Evaluation and Physical Therapy of the Canine Patient
  • Module 4: Essentials of Canine Physical Therapist Practice
  • Module 5: Capstone Project
  • Module 6: Clinical Training and Competency
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"Carrie has dedicated her life to animals. CanineIQ allows us all to meet and learn from this four-legged movement pioneer."

Chaz Adamson, NASM-PEs, FRSC, FRCms, FRA
Director of Human Performance/
Applied Sport Science at AthleteIQ

"I've had the opportunity to work alongside Carrie since 2000, when she and I, along with a team of others, created what would become the first certification in canine rehabilitation. Through our work together over the years at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, I've been a witness to her dedication to the service and care of dogs, their owners and other veterinary and physical therapy professionals. I am thrilled to see her pave the way to bring more Canine Physical Therapists into the field with her education and training program, CanineIQ."

Dr. Bob Taylor, DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVS
Ranch Veterinarian
Lonetree Ranch, WY

 "Carrie and I have worked together for many years. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious, and her combination of canine clinical and research experience is one-of-a kind."

Erik Giphart, PhD

Canine Movement Experts

We do not want to compete with the current ‘certification’ programs already available, but instead, offer a PT-focused program for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist students* who want to become Canine Physical Therapists. Our goal is to take our combined knowledge and skills over the past 25+ years and train the generations to come.

Caroline (Carrie) Adrian, PT, MSPT, PhD (Canine Biomechanics), CPT (Canine Physical Therapist), Fellow, International Association Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (IAVPRT)

*Physical Therapist students of a CAPTE accredited Physical Therapy program must have completed one year of professional education. 
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